Space at Tatton Park show… again

Not impressed to receive an email from Moreton’s Media Group, who took over the twice-yearly Tatton Park car shows from local owner Stuart (fantastic chap & a real, unbiased car enthusiast), saying that they do not have the space for a Marcos stand on Sunday 2nd June. Given the application form went in in January this is both surprising & disappointing. Having spent many years building up some loyalty to the Tatton Show amongst the Macros owner community, with some people travelling all the way up from the South coast (yes Collin, you!), this loyalty does not seem to be reciprocated. The event organiser did come back to me to say they would review the situation, but subsequently reconfirmed no space. Pretty miffed TBH but we are at least guaranteed a stand on August. In the meantime we are trying to enter the show via individual private entries & then will arrive en masse so at least we are together. No gazebo if it rains though, or guarantee we will be accepted, or co-located. We will see what happens, but may need to start thinking about alternative May shows in the North West such as Capesthorne Hall or the Gawsworth Classic …

Hot but mysterious

Didn’t quite make it back from the supermarket last Sunday, with the engine temperature shooting up & plenty of steam from underneath the bonnet accompanied by the lovely sound of a burbling brook… Sorry I mean coolant boiling. Fortunately this was at the end of the road from home. After checking both fans were running (they were) whilst admiring the growing pink puddle on the road, I let the engine cool down & topped back up via the expansion bottle/tank/aluminium thingy. Idling by the side of the road it didn’t take long to get up to temperature, see the fans kick in but with the needle continuing to climb until… Same again. And again. And again. Like the bastard son of Nascar & a traction engine!

Got home & left it until Monday evening, on the off-chance it was a one-off. However, able to boil the coolant from idle in a few minutes. Same again Tuesday. With no luck fault finding a quick call to Jay at Chariots to see what I should look at, & we identified that the radiator was cold even though the system was boiling over. So, the water isn’t circulating which suggests either thermostat or water pump. Another quick call, this time to Performance Parts who supplied the engine. As ever their technical support was brilliant & after confirming there were no known issues with the water-pump & that the impeller was metal, I ordered a thermostat. This arrived a few days later &, with the garage too busy to fit me in they very kindly lent me a socket set & I changed the thermostat. Very adventurous of me, though I do say it myself…

This did not seem to fix the problem at first, & I ended up giving it to the garage a few days later. However, they couldn’t reproduce the issue after leaving the car idling for 45 minutes (& stopping before it ran out of juice!). & it has driven well since, so I can only assume that a combination of a new thermostat, and diligent topping up with much massaging of the coolant pipes to remove any airlock, has done the trick.

Another Marcos adventure completed!



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Cracking me up

This morning I noticed a five inch crack in the windscreen, running down from the nearside of the rear view mirror.




Anyway, sod it. It’s been a beautiful day so I drove the car to Crewe for today’s hockey fixture. Even mile after mile of speed restrictions on the M6 backed up by your friendly neighbourhood average speed camera could not spoil a lovely drive.


I will figure out what to do with the windscreen over the next few days…

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Lights out

The fuse box showed a corroded terminal which had caused a poor connection and melted the fuse.

Garage have made a temporary fix by resigning a new connector to the box but need a new fuse box really as it is all showing signs of corrosion. Not found a 20 way box so far…

Headlights working but no DRLs or Fogs & garage unable to locate the fault still.

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Going dark

Back from work yesterday mid evening as dusk fell & realised my sidelights were on but headlights were not working. A quick run through of the lights shows Daylight Running Lights, Headlights & front Fog lights all not work. Hoping it is a fuse…

Diff fix and, erm, an 8,456 mile service

Time to get the worn differential fixed & try improving the heat dissipation from the LS3 engine. And I know just the man for the job, almost just round the corner too! 😎 Well, kind of!

I headed off this morning to drop the Mantis off with Jay at Chariots near Lewes in East Sussex. A mere 260 miles away but hey, we’re in the middle of the hottest summer since ’76 so that should make for a lovely drive… What could possibly go wrong!

Debris on the motorway added a little time but it was the endless bloody 50mph speed restrictions that put another 90 minutes on the journey. 😡 However, I arrived in beautiful sunshine under a clear blue sky so all was well (despite the nearside door mysteriously opening on the A27 roundabout 😯).

Always a pleasure to catch up with Jay, & having talked through the job list (which, strangely, grew as we talked!) we had a quick look at his Mantis before he kindly dropped me off at the station. I will come back down to collect the car in a couple of weeks, & looking forward to seeing some new holes in the bonnet. No, really! Watch this space…


After a round trip via Speke & Silloth (Cumbria… truly beautiful countryside) plus a few stretches on the M6 with nothing to listen to I have had enough & brought the car back to Manchester Car Audio to get the amp power cable sorted. It’s all change here with new staff & no-one involved in the original fit. I guess these places can have a ‘fluid’ staff turnover. I have also asked for an air gap to be created between the amp & the nearside footwell ceiling which it is flush mounted on. Last year in Le Mans the inside top of the footwell was too hot to touch, which cannot have been doing the Amp much good! Finally, a Dashcam wired in, hopefully for some fun driving footage & not tempting fate with an accident. 😯

Too hot to handle

Broke down on the M62 today after getting very hot queuing for about 30 mins. Engine was stuttering & losing power, so possible fuel problem although about ¹ⁿ litres in the tank. Managed to coast up the slip road of Junction 20 but stopped where there was no hard shoulder which is a bit scarey when the lorries go past! The Mantis restarted after 10 minutes but only got a couple of hundred yards before stopping again at the top of the slip road. No luck restarting. Thanks to the Traffic Police who turned up about 20 minutes later & pushed me over the roundabout to a side road. Hot work! 🌞 😎 ☀️

Very nice chap from The AA, Chris, turned up early, confirmed fuel pressure & of course the car then started & idled fine. Filled up with fuel at Lymm Truck Stop then headed back home followed by The AA, arriving without mishap. So… Problem unknown, guessing heat related. Really need to get the extra vents put into the bonnet.

Another ‘not dull’ day of Marcos ownership! 🤣

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Getting into Diff-iculty.

Trip to the local garage to get the offside steering gaiter replaced , after the heads up during the MOT. Unfortunately the whining sounds like it is the differential, which is a BTR limited slip from a Holden. I will need to decide whether to have it reconditioned or to get a new one (no idea what they cost or availability). Either way the car will have to be off the road for a few days at least in the near future.

I also finally got round to talking to Jay about the cooling. Why?… With both fans on, there is substantial airflow from both wheel arches. The kidney grills at the rear of the bonnet are too hot to touch even in Winter & at slow speeds.

So… How to get more heat away from the engine?

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