Alternator Ulster

Alternator light has been flickering away last couple of days. Yet another area of the car that I know bugger all about. Have found a high output version in the States but no idea if I actually need a new one or if it’s battery not even a loose cable. Not ideal but at least I can still drive &Ā  weather is truely awesome šŸ˜Ž

I love my commute!

Bah! Still no takers for the CARFEST North show & I can’t attend myself. I get the impression our glorious leader at CMI is (understandably) a bit miffed at the underwhelming response. You wouldn’t think Marcos owners were the most obvious shy types!

On the bright side it looks like at least one Marcos is going to be exhibiting at the Passion for Power show in Manchester’s Event City. Well done to Mr Barlow says I! Flying the Marcos flag in the North.

School runs & commute in the Mantis today. Glorious. Glorious. Glorious. Fine weather & all running well on the car. I haveĀ succumbedĀ to contacting the car detailer to see what can be done with the Mantis prior to Jem’s birthday bash & of course, with a view to staying shiny through both Tatton Park shows & the odd annual rally! Time to get that kidney on eBay…